Why an Establishment needs to be Compliant?

Director’s Responsibility Statement under Section 134(5) (f) states that … “the Directors should have devised proper systems to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws and that such systems were adequate and operating effectively”.
Functions of Company Secretary under Section 205 (1) States that …”to report to the Board of this Act, the Rules made there under and other applicable laws applicable to the company”
Obligation of Board of Directors of Listed Companies under SEBI Regulations, 2015,  regulation 17(3) … The board of directors shall periodically review compliance reports pertaining to all laws applicable to the listed entity, prepared by the listed entity as well as steps taken by the listed entity to rectify instances of non-compliances”.

Who Are We?

If an individual is an Artist  or a Sculptor, etc., it is his/her Core Skill and he/she can “Create or Make” and Sell it. Where a person had to involve others for producing or providing a service or selling the made product through a premise, he/she had to establish a Business Organization.  Such Organization had to conform with regulations by the local or union government.
Furthermore, where other individuals are engaged and involve themselves in producing or providing services or selling, various regulatory and labour related conformations are required by the established Business Organization. The purpose of the individual is getting diluted, and he/she could not be able to perform the CORE with his/her expected capabilities, since the regulatory and labour conformation provisions are complex and changing periodically.
Towards this purpose, HR Vidyalaya Corporate Services LLP was established to partner with such Business Organizations in performing such People related activities and Protect their Brand, allowing the Principal Partner to concentrate on the CORE.

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