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POSH – A Case Study on – Workplace definition

 POSH – Engagement of Millennial and handling of Sexual Harassment @ Workplace

 POSH – A Complaint from an aggrieved Woman – What next? 

POSH – Annual Report Submission before District Officer under Sexual Harassment Act

POSH – Why Inquiry process is sensitive in PoSH complaints?

POSH – Scope and process for Conciliation & Settlement under PoSH Inquiry

POSH – Capacity building Tips to Internal Committee

POSH – Protection against Retaliation & Victimization of Complainant or Witness

POSH – Internal Committee – How to overcome challenges in constituting an Internal Committee?

POSH – Shouting and getting work done, constitute to Sexual Harassment?

POSH – Need of Awareness training to Employees on Sexual Harassment

POSH – Are you in receipt of a compliant from an Aggrieved women? What is the immediate action to be taken by the Internal Committee?

POSH – Work From Home – Still Sexual Harassment cases be made/heard?

POSH – Guidelines for Internal Committee to conduct Inquiry

POSH – Guidelines for making a complaint to Internal Committee

POSH – Guidelines for Conducting Inquiry and Preparing Report

POSH – Pre-preparation for making a Sexual Harassment complaint

POSH – Sexually coloured remarks – Defined

POSH – Due compliance of 90 days Inquiry period during Lockdown

POSH – Advantages and disadvantages of Online POSH Trainings

POSH – Quid Pro Quo and Sexual Harassment

POSH – Hostile Environment and Sexual Harassment

POSH – Types of Punishments – on proving alleged Sexual Harassment

POSH – Complaints and Inquiries during WFH – A Discussion

POSH – Case study – SH Complaint from a woman, impacted indirectly

POSH – Conducive environment essential for anti-harassment @ workplace

POSH – POSH case law references

POSH – Who has to recognize, what, for a Safe workplace?

POSH – SHE-box and how to make complaints through it?

POSH – Process of Inquiry

POSH – Time Line for IC Enquiry


POSH – Acknowledgement: Lawyers Collective, Women’s Right Initiative

POSH – Why it is not another Legislation?

POSH – What is CEDAW?

POSH – What is Diversity and Inclusion?

POSH – What is Unconscious Bias?

POSH – Obligations of Employer – under PoSH Act….. Constitution of Internal Committee

POSH – Accused / Respondents Rights – under PoSH Act

POSH – Does PoSH Act Protects Transgender?

POSH – I am a Woman… getting out of my house…. What is my Right, if I feel Sexually Harassed?

POSH – Different scenarios of Sexual Harassment @ workplace Duties of Employer

POSH – Doctrine of Necessity

POSH – Constitution of IC in case of multiple offices

POSH – Can the Employer be considered as an Employee

POSH – Report Preparation by the Internal Committee

POSH – Nuances of Reporting with consensus by the Internal Committee

POSH – Is Section 2(n) 0f the Act has limited definition?

POSH – Conciliation – is there a Set Process to conduct?

POSH – Delhi – District Officers details

POSH – Noida – Notification on Online Complaints

POSH – Conducting Awareness program? – Sample Pre and Post assessment form

POSH – Why one should complain?

POSH – Duty of Employer – Landmark Judgment

POSH – Power of Internal Committee – Landmark Judgment